Above you can see a photo (albeit a bad one!) of some sculptural work done for the Schiltkamp Library in the new Miller Academic Building on Kimball Union Academy campus. The snakes and doves (hard to make out in this photo) are carved from basswood on an oak base with 23 karat gold leaf letters. 
Here you can see a bit of the detail developing as the sculptural evolved in the shop, and to the left you can see the original sketch.



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07/27/2017 10:11pm

This looks amazing! How long did it take you to finish this sculpture? How many people helped out in making this piece? Were you the one who decided on what symbols to use in the sculpture or was it the academy's emblem? What color was the dove and the snake? Is it really black or was it just varnished darker than the background wood? The gold lettering looks exquisite. Try to take a photo with the flash on next time in your future projects so that details can be seen clearly. Great job on this wood sculpture!

10/03/2016 10:30pm

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