Here's where we began with the project… old damaged drywall, white T111 plywood, a restricted budget…and a lot of decisions to make.
Charged with reusing old materials, including a pile of barn board, one of the first walls I completed was this Louise Nevelson inspired sculptural piece, running about thirty feet in length.
You can see the Nevelson sculpture on the far wall. In the foreground, a custom sculpture, more barn board, textured plaster over the old sheetrock, and some of the fragmented brickwork that was to help tie the whole  design together.

This custom sculpture was also rear-lit and made of found pieces. Note the wall texture and color here, and below.
This is the same room featured in the "before photo" above, now with the bar in place, and T111 now red over brown. The light fixtures and pressed tin were all custom painted to a worn brass finish.
Bar has rear-lit glass brick boxes in the faced, and related designs in the wood top.
Fragmented brick, lettering, and plaster texture covered the old broken sheetrock well, and added patina. The "Nevelson-esque" sculptural elements are also carried throughout.
Here's a shot over the bar top at the rear-lit stain glass panels and stained benches. The aged plaster continues to unify the spaces. 
The men's room went from white metal panels to faux wood grain.
Recently Artcapes completed the design and execution of much of the interior for a new Mexican restaurant in Brattleboro, Vermont- "Milagros Mexcian Cantina". The owner wanted to put a bit of the textures and color of authentic Mexican roadside  cantinas in Milagros, as well as some strong imagery.  There were a number of lotteria card murals (9 total), in addition to larger works such as the beer ad above. Note the wall textures.

Above are some of the finished lotteria card murals, while to the left you can see more of the wall textures. After this picture was taken, the white baseboard was glazed down as well. The final mural added was a Virgin de Guadalupe, seen below.
Above you can see a photo (albeit a bad one!) of some sculptural work done for the Schiltkamp Library in the new Miller Academic Building on Kimball Union Academy campus. The snakes and doves (hard to make out in this photo) are carved from basswood on an oak base with 23 karat gold leaf letters. 
Here you can see a bit of the detail developing as the sculptural evolved in the shop, and to the left you can see the original sketch.

Above you can see a recently completed sign for Milagros Mexican Cantina in Brattleboro, VT. The "heart and fire" images on the sides are made of an expanded PVC foam, and have been heated and bent, then rear lit with LED's. 
A Christmas tree for a production of the Nutcracker Ballet that grows from 8 to 20 feet tall!



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    March 2015